Ultra fast, reliable & scalable search

Give to your users the best search experience ever

Search over millions of documents, and give to your users unique, amazing and unforgettable experiences.


With Apisearch, no matter if your customers type wrong the word that they are looking for, the system will take care of this to give them the best result.

Multi-language search

Apisearch can work with many different languages, each of them optimized properly to provide you the best search experience.

Multi-index search

You will be able to search on multiples indices at a time, being able to show different type of entities in the same results widget!

Plugins Ready

Apisearch is built on top of the big and great open source community. This means that, and because the project allows plugin extension, you will be able to find some existing plugins working with newer Apisearch versions or you will be able to make your own plugins and share them with all around the world. There's a plugin for everything.


Let your customers always find what they are searching, no matter if they type a synonym or the exact matching word.

Geo search

Your data can be organized by its location. The closest, the first. So you can easily build dynamic map searches or aggregate the results by the place where they come from.

Unlimited filters and aggregations

Allow your customers to refine their searches by color, rating, brand, type or whatever attribute you want. It's fully customizable and does't compromise the search performance.