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What is Apisearch?

Out of the box search engine for your business

FOS Search engine

Based on Elasticsearch, Apisearch brings you an abstraction layer of a search engine

Ready to be used as a read-only layer.

Worldwide data cluster

Install your own distributed datacenters all around the world.

Place your data close to yous users, and serve it in less than 100ms.

Safe access

Protect your data by using Tokens, and even select what fields can see some users.

For your Product team!

Hey! but Apisearch is much more than that

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Search features

Increase your rating conversion with our product features.

Typo tolerance

Apisearch will find your user's search even if the query has a typo.

Multi-language search

Apisearch can work with many different languages.

Multi-index search

You will be able to search on multiples indices at a time.

Plugins Ready

Apisearch is built on top of the big and great open source community. There's a plugin for everything.


Let your customers always find what they are searching.

Geo search

Your data can be sorted by its location. The closest, the first.

Designed for developers

With Apisearch, building a search experience has never been that easy.

1 Index your data

By using our API clients or importing it with our administration panel with many different data types.

// Configure the instance
new RepositoryReference(

// Create your entity
$album = new Album(
'Album name',
'Album description'

// Save it!

2 Build the search UI

Using our user interface Javascript libraries like Apisearch UI or Autocomplete UI.

// Create the instance
const ui = apisearchUI.create({
appId: '21abc4',
indexId: '23j5tg',
token: '1cc7a3e0-bda5-11e7'

// Add your widgets
target: '.search-container'
target: '.result-container',

// Initialize it!

3 Ready for production!

Start searching your products and increase your site conversion.

Search any album you like. . .

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