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What is Apisearch?

Out of the box search engine for your business

Search API

Use our custom API.

We develop, maintain and document plugins for your project and many other programming languages and frameworks.

Worldwide data cluster

We have many distributed datacenters all around the world.

Place your data close to yous users, and serve it fast. Very fast.

Product best friend

Make your users reach what they are looking for the fastest possible way.

1 click is always better than 2 clicks.

Hey! but Apisearch is much more than that

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Search features

Increase your rating conversion with our product features.

Typo tolerance

Apesearch will find your user's search even if the query has a typo.

Filters and Aggregations

Group your data by specific attributes to make it easy refine their searches.

Geo search

Search your data by its location.

Search analytics

Know your customer's search metrics on real time.

Customizable user experience

Create your own search blocks to fit your ecommerce or website

Premium infrastructure

A world wide cluster to serve lightning fast all your requests

Designed for developers

With Apisearch, building a search experience has never been that easy.

1 Index your data

By using our API clients or importing it with our administration panel with many different data types.

// Configure the instance
new RepositoryReference(

// Create your entity
$album = new Album(
'Album name',
'Album description'

// Save it!

2 Build the search UI

Using our user interface Javascript libraries like Apisearch UI or Carousel UI.

// Create the instance
const ui = apisearchUI({
appId: '21abc4',
index: '23j5tg',
token: '1cc7a3e0-bda5-11e7'

// Add your widgets
target: '.search-container'
target: '.result-container',

// Initialize it!

3 Ready for production!

Start searching your products and increase your site conversion.

Search any album you like. . .

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